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Are you an environmental professional in the Southwestern United States? Come join the Pacific Southwest section of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals or the PSW-AHMP, a vibrant group of professionals.  The Southwestern United States is home to large metropolitan centers, a variety of business interests including information technology, biotechnical manufacturing, agriculture, energy, service, entertainment and waste management among other industrial sectors.  Meeting topics/facility tours span a variety of disciplines and provide the membership plus other interested professionals with regulatory updates and information about technology changes which may impact business. Professional networking opportunities abound.  With assistance from the Bay Area and National, PSW-AHMP is promoting the value of the CHMM credential in the Southwest and nationally, especially to State government officials.

We have a variety of opportunities including:

  • Learning more about the CHMM credential program and the Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management Course.
  • The potential for brown-bag lunches at your place of work explaining the value of the CHMM credential program and membership.
  • Becoming a Board officer (see below) or Chapter member (both of which can earn recertification credits).

CHMM membership is classified into two categories:

Certified Members:  Any CHMM shall be eligible to become a Certified Member of the Chapter.  To qualify for the grade of Certified Member, a person shall have achieved certification as a hazardous materials manager at any level, as defined by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management.

Affiliate Members:  A person with an interest in this field of hazardous materials management who does not meet the definition of a Certified Member may be an Affiliate Member.  At the discretion of the Board of Directors, subcategories of Affiliate Members may be created, such as, but not limited to, Student, Corporate, Inactive or Honorary Member.

Do you have an idea for a technical tour or speaker? 

Do you know a great place to have a luncheon or dinner meeting?

Do you have other ideas to help this growing chapter prosper? 

We want to hear from you! Please contact us.

The PSW Chapter President leads the Board of Directors and is the liaison between National and the Chapter leadership.  Chapter specific leadership opportunities as officers are available. Officers include:

President:  The president, elected to serve one year, presides over Chapter meetings and interfaces with other chapters, the Academy and other environmental organizations.  All committees report to the President, who is responsible for day-to-day Chapter management.  In the absence of the Treasurer, the President shall disburse funds to pay Chapter obligations.

Vice President (President-Elect):  The vice-president, who is elected to serve one year and expected to serve as President the following year, presides over Chapter meetings in the absence of the President and ensures the development and execution of an appropriate annual educational program for the Chapter.

Secretary:  The secretary, who is elected to a term of two years in alternating years from the Treasurer, documents Chapter meetings, maintains and updates Chapter records and mailing lists, documents Chapter-sponsored training and manages mailing of official notices to the membership.

Treasurer:  The treasurer, who is elected to a term of two years in alternating years from the Secretary, documents Chapter membership, manages the Chapter's financial affairs, maintains the Chapter's financial records, mails invoices, pays obligations, collects receivables, makes bank deposits, and interfaces with applicable government entities to maintain the Chapter's non-profit and corporate status.

Election of officers typically occurs in September of each year with one-year terms of service beginning the following January.  Members of the PSW Chapter are encouraged to apply for leadership roles at the National level as well.  All are encouraged to attend the National Convention.  The PSW-AHMP has the ability to send a delegate to the national convention.  The selected delegate enjoys a significant discount in registration fees, or is provided complimentary attendance plus partial payment/sponsorship of other related expenses.

Committee opportunities include:

Government Affairs Chair Person:  This committee is the focal point for communication to the Chapter on actions, proposed or otherwise, taken at all levels of government in regard to management of hazardous materials.  The chairperson is encouraged to be a member of the National Government Affairs Committee and shall conduct the chapter committee efforts in concert with the National Academy.

Professional Development Chair Person:  Continuing education of the CHMM is an important part of the fulfillment of the Chapter's Mission.  This committee will develop the educational programs for the Chapter meetngs, as well as any other programs which can be used to further the exchange of information and ideas.

Public Relations and Marketing Chairperson:  The primary purpose of this committee is the establishment and maintenance of a positive impression of the CHMM certification, the membership and the Academy.  This committee will focus on efforts which will increase the awareness of the CHMM program and attract new members.  A decided campaign of news releases, public speaking and promotional literature distribution will be used as part of the strategy.

Membership Development Chair Person:  Working with the immediate Past President, this committee recruits new members for the Chapter.  The committee will develop and execute recruiting plans including the direct mail, telephone campaigns and membership incentive.

If you have an interest in filling any of the above committee chair positions please contact the Chapter President, BJ Atkins , at




Call for Volunteers:  CHMM Examination Committee

IHMM’s CHMM Examination Committee has an immediate vacancy for membership. The CHMM Examination Committee plays a critical role in developing and maintaining valid, legally defensible, and credible certification examinations in accordance with approved policies and procedures.  The policies and procedures are based upon professionally recognized psychometric principles and on the standards of the accreditation body(ies) by which IHMM is accredited or recognized.

Committee membership is awarded in 2-year increments. It requires that members attend virtual meetings, participate in teleconferences, and participating in Job Task Analysis, item writing, psychometric and technical review, and standard setting. The reward is recognition for your contribution to the continued vitality of the Institute and 10 certification maintenance points (CMPs) per year toward your recertification for your participation.

If you are interested, please send your resume and a cover letter to M. Patricia Buley, Acting Executive Director and Senior Manager, Credential at <> . Please put CHMM Examination Committee in the subject line.

The application deadline for this opportunity is Friday, March 3rd.

 Please contact M. Patricia Buley, CHMM Examination Committee Staff Liaison, at <>  if you have any questions.



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