Why Certification?

Environmental programs are vital to our public health and safety.  Management of hazardous materials and wastes requires proven and unquestionable skill and competence.  Quality control over the professionals involved in programs of national importance, and particularly of public safety, is best accomplished through certification.

The CHMM credential is the premier credential for Hazardous Materials Managers, Waste Management Professionals and Environmental Health and Safety Managers.  IHMM's trademark CHMM program recognizes your expertise and allows you to make a significant impact on your community.  Corporations, universities and government agencies depend on the CHMM certification to identify qualified professionals in the field.  If you manage hazardous or potentially hazardous materials in any capacity, join a professional movement toward respect and recognition.

In today's business environment, it takes more than just a technically trained person to manage the risks hazardous materials pose to organizations and the environment.  It also takes managerial competence.  That is why those seeking the CHMM credential must demonstrate both technical and managerial competence.  The CHMM program believes successful EHS managers must understand business processes and create value to their organizations.  They must identify environmental, health and safety risks and devise systems to manage and mitigate those risks.  They must be able to prepare EHS budgets, manage finances, communicate, coach and train.  CHMMs are prepared for this role.  This is a major reason why we are considered the premier credential in the EHS field!

CHMM Certification

Visit the IHMM website for more information on how to get certified.


The Hazardous Materials Essentials Course

Professionals interested in certifcation (for example, CHMM-Certified Hazardous Materials Manager), can get started by attending an Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management (EHMM) course sponsored by one of our AHMP Chapters or partnering organization.

The Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management (EHMM), formerly known as the National Overview Course, is a key AHMP educational program. It is designed as a preparation for the CHMM® examination.

The EHMM is designed as a broad introduction to the industry and provides instruction about laws and regulations as well as technologies and practices. It highlights topics and information hazardous materials managers need to know to better perform their jobs. The EHMM course is hosted by AHMP chapters and taught by CHMMs. It also is available as a corporate training program.

The 3-day Hazardous Materials Essentials course consists of comprehensive instruction on Federal environmental laws and regulations, health and safety requirements, and environmental technologies and practices in an overview fashion.

This course provides an overview of the body of knowledge associated with identification and management of hazardous materials; impact upon and protection of human health and the environment; releases of hazardous materials to land, air, water and groundwater; restoration of the environment from hazardous materials; compliance with Federal environmental laws; multimedia application of environmental management principles and reviews basic concepts in chemistry and radioactive materials.

To get certified, take this course and pass the test.

The UCLA Southern California Education and Research Center routinely offers CHMM preparation courses in the Southern California Area.   For more information and course registration, please visit



All Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMMs) are required to be recertified every five years, in order to remain current with the rapid changes and new developments in the environmental, health and safety field.

Additionally, those who already have earned the CHMM® designation can take Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management (EHMM) to obtain annual Credential Maintenance Points (CMPs).

To learn about the recertification requirements, visit the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) Web site at


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